Japanese Language Program in Tokyo, Japan

The Hiroo Japanese Center, accredited by the Japanese government and the best language school in Japan for students with no background in Chinese characters(Kanji), is accepting new students for 2016/2017 year program.

The Hiroo Japanese Center was founded in 1984, and since then its school has been admitting only students from U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada and European countries. The reasons why the school has never admitted Chinese and other Asian students are stated as follows. Firstly Chinese and Korean people are familiar with Chinese characters, therefore students from other countries are handicapped if they study with Chinese and Korean people. Secondly the grammar of the Korean and some other Asian languages are quite similar to Japanese. Therefore those people can easily and quickly master Japanese, on the other hand the western people are required to spend much more time for the Japanese language.

A Unique Approach to Japanese Language Education

Students who can speak English are especially suited for language classes at Hiroo Japanese Center. Our goal is to assist students with no background in Kanji in obtaining a logical, systematic and effective understanding of the Japanese language by the following method:

(1) Using English in all beginning level courses in order that the students may easily comprehend what is being taught.
(2) Using a language textbook that we have written ourselves and published to achieve the above goal.
(3) Employing instructors especially trained to teach Japanese through the use of English in their lessons.

All classes are limited to 5 or 6 students, WHY?

(1) To provide each students with a greater opportunity to communicate in Japanese.
(2) To give the instructor a chance to estimate each student's ability, to grasp each student's progress, discover weak points, and improve those weak areas through additional explanation and review.

Our program

We offer a wide range of courses from the Beginners level to an Advanced level Japanese. Nine levels of coversational Japanese and eight levels of Kanji classes are offered to fit the needs and capabilities of each students. It takes 2 years to complete the whole courses, however the students who have studied Japanese before are allowed to start from the middle of courses, after taking a placement test with us.

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