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No other book about Japanese verbs contains as much useful information as "The complete Japanese Verb Guide". Besides introducing over 600 verbs and their meanings, this authorita

tive reference and study aid lists each verb in Roman letters, hiragana, and Japanese characters; indicates whether a verb is transitive or intransitive; and presents all the conjugated forms.
Also included are explanations of polite language, lists of compound verbs and suru verbs, and symbols marking conjugated forms not ordinarily used with particular verbs. Furthermore, hundreds of example sentences show how to use verbs correctly---a great help to students who must write their own sentences in Japanese.
Compiled and edited with the needs of the student in mind, this book is an invaluable reference guide for anyone learning the Japanese language.

This book will enable you to:
Instantly find any conjugation for hundreds of verbs
Use the right prepositions for each verbs
Write each verb using its Japanese characters
Improve your command of the colloquial language
and much more

The both above books are published by Charles E. Tuttle

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